• Hi, nice job on the Fran Bow Wiki so far, it's great! theres just a copule of things I think should be added but i think they may need an extra category like the charcaters oneso i wated to check first.

    There are a lot of awesome quotes and symbolism in this game and i believe the Wiki is lacking in this kind of information, irecently did an assignment on conformity and the Individual and I used Fran Bow as my related text, I found some helpful stuff (especially about the game authors) but i wasnt able to find anything on quotes or the symbolism in the game. 

    I believe it would be benefactory to add these things to the Wiki, (sorry about the long comment)


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    • No worries on the long comment!

      If you feel that the wiki is lacking information or anything that comes to mind, Feel free to add it yourself!

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