The Bar is an entertainment venue in Ithersta which Fran must visit in order to find the Great Wizard's shoes. This location operates in the summer and fall, and mainly serves (presumably spiked) lemonade in very dark bottles. Most of its patrons are insects, as is the famed Dancer and the musician ants known to perform there. A beetle bouncer outside prevents anyone without a ticket from gaining access to the venue.

Steam players can earn the achievement The Kind Thief by returning the purple ticket after stealing it from a drunken honey bee.


  • The ant with a trumpet will not play along with the piano in the summer, when the Dancer is resting. However, the trumpet can still be heard faintly when outside the building.
  • The illustration on the honey bee's ticket actually shows what appears to be a praying mantis.
  • Though closed in fall the bar seems to mysteriously disappear entirely in the winter season for unknown reasons and is only officially open in spring and summer.
  • Apparently all citizens of Ithersta have an ID which serves as a ticket to get into the bar. This is the reason why nobody from outside of Ithersta can go to the bar.