Suicidal Fran
Suicidal Fran.png
Other names: Fran
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Species: Hallucination
Reality: Second
Occupation: None
Relationships: None

Suicidal Fran is a Hallucination that appears in the Itherstan palace entry hall. She first appears wearing a black hood with the skeletal remains of Mia and Clara leaning against the walls. She soon drops this hood revealing herself to be Fran with bloody tears under her eyes. This Hallucination demeans Fran essentially blaming her for the twins death, calling her evil and saying that she needs to be punished.

After this, she tells Fran to do as she says to do as she does and to jump after which she leaps off the edge of the palace leaving only her cloak and the twins behind. Fran breaks down and insists that the twins death wasn't her fault and that she was good. Mr. Midnight comforts her telling her to let those nasty hallucinations go and then the vision fades out Fran wipes away her tears and carries on with a decidedly heavier heart than before. This is similar to an experience León details in pages 9 and 10 of his journal suggesting perhaps that the visions experienced by people like him and Fran follow similar patterns.

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