Queen Fran bow
Other names: N/A
Born: Unknown
Species: Hallucination
Reality: Second
Occupation: N/A
Relationships: N/A

The Queen Fran Bow is a hallucination created by Fran. We see her near the end of the Third Chapter where she is sitting on the throne of Ziar. The throne has been morphed into a mess of hands with eyes embedded into the palms. She tries to convince Fran that Mr. Midnight is a traitor that needs to be eliminated so Fran can be truly happy.

Queen Fran Bow stabs the black cat in the abdomen with a kitchen knife while telling Fran that she doesn't need him anymore. Fran denies this insisting that Mr.Midnight is her best friend. Queen Fran then responds that she is her only real friend and disappears. 

Fran starts to cry, disturbed undoubtedly by seeing herself do such a gruesome thing. Her tears are interrupted by King Ziar's entrance as he asks her what's wrong. Fran says that she is insane but King Ziar disagrees and comforts her. After calming Fran down they head to the door leading out of Ithersta.


She is an older version of Fran. She wears a very elegant and detailed pink dress, a gold bangle with a pale blue stone in the center and a crown made of what looks like a lace doily and a miniature goat skull (resembling Remor). Her eyes have bloody tears underneath. She is holding on one hand a black cat that resembles Mr. Midnight and in the other a kitchen knife.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first two lines are the first two lines in the intro cutscene.