Oswald Asylum
Oswald Asylum unuse cutscene
Vital statistics
Inhabitants Humans
Reality Third

Oswald Asylum is a mental health institution that specializes in children with severe traumas. It was founded by Dr. Oswald Harrison, a well-known psychiatrist.


The Oswald Asylum is a three story tall mental health hospital consisting of a first and second floor and a basement. It also is surrounded by a tremendous brick wall, complete with a gate and watch towers. It also features an expansive hedge maze and a children's playground. On the second story, there are patient bedrooms and a bathroom. The first floor contains the kitchen and dining room, the therapist's office, an entertainment room, isolation rooms, an operating theater, and the reception desk. The basement simply houses a laundry room and storage area. Oswald Asylum treats children with mental disorders exclusively, as no adult patients are shown throughout the entirety of the asylum's exploration.

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