Mr. Midnight
Mr. M2
Other names: Kitty (Fran)

Traitor (Grace)

Born: Unknown
Species: Cat
Reality: Third
Occupation: Keeper of the Gates (Ithersta)
Relationships: Fran Bow (companion)

Mr. Midnight is Fran Bow Dagenhart’s closest companion and pet. Fran lost him at the beginning of the game, but she finds him in Chapter 2. As he follows Fran, he can be used as an advisor for puzzles.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Midnight is a cat with black fur, a pink nose, and big yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Mr. Midnight is a very polite and sweet cat. He is loyal to people he knows and cares about but can usually sense if the person is bad or good. He loves and cares for Fran, and wants to see her happy. He is always telling Fran to stay out of trouble. Like Fran, he also wishes to return home with her.

History Edit

Fran received Mr. Midnight as a present from her parents sometime before their murders occur. Though in the prelude it seems to happen over just a week (Fran getting Mr. Midnight, Aunt Grace visiting, Aunt Grace watching her on Friday and the murder of her parents on Monday), these events occurring in such a short time frame is highly unlikely, since it is alluded to in the final chapter that Fran has had Mr. Midnight for a while as indicated by her painting of him, a picture of them at the lake, and the picture of Alice and her in which she comments she and Mr. Midnight go to play with Alice and her Cheshire Cat. Furthermore, cats tend to be animals of solitude, even as kittens most of the time, but Mr. Midnight and Fran are very close implying a bond formed over a greater amount of time than a week. Where he came from before coming into Fran's possession is unknown and never mentioned in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • The creators of Fran Bow own two black cats called Bobby and Baloo. They were the main influence and inspiration for the character of Mr. Midnight.
  • Itward has made several cat dolls and robots on his Flying Machine that are very similar to Mr. Midnight.
  • When Fran Bow has entered the Fifth Reality, upon nearing the end she finds a cat that looks exactly identical to Mr. Midnight but could not communicate with Fran.
  • When Fran is in the Asylum, a black toy cat (similar to Mr. Midnight,) is seen.


Mr. Midnight
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