Mother Kamala
Mother kamala.png
Other names: N/A
Born: Unknown
Species: Hallucination
Reality: Second
Occupation: N/A
Relationships: N/A

The Mother Kamala is a hallucination that appears at the signpost area of Ithersta.

It consists of a crowd of Kamalas and the one in the center of the pack opens its mouth to reveal what looks like Fran's mother. Mother Kamala then insists that she is Fran's mother and tells her to come closer. When Fran refuses proclaiming that she is not her mother the creature erratically begins swaying back and forth as its eyes go black and its teeth sharpen. It screams, "IF YOU DON'T COME TO ME NOW THE MONSTER WILL GET YOU! THE MONSTER WILL GET YOU! IT WILL GET!" At this Fran begs it to stop being brought to tears by the sight and frantically hits her head with her hands. At this the seasons begin to flash rapidly, the lake nearby appears to be blood and this continues until the vision fades. Mr. Midnight seems concerned for Fran but says they have to keep going so they can get home. Fran wipes her eyes and nods. They continue on.

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