Fran looks out the window onboard the flying machine.

Itward's Flying Machine is a giant, complex-looking machine that is used by Itward to travel through the Five Realms of Essential Existence.

It is comprised of several rooms, which include:

  • The command room, from which Itward may pilot the machine.
  • The engine room, which contains the machine's motor and the chemicals required to make its fuel.
  • The dining room, which contains a table, several cat dolls, and an interactive puppet show that tells the story of Clara and Mia.
  • An observation deck, which contains a teapot-like machine that spouts water.
  • Itward's personal garden, which he uses to grow vegetables.

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Itward's Flying Machine[edit | edit source]

Itward's Flying Machine under the effect of Duotine[edit | edit source]

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