Is that my head?

Fran Bow, looking through a window of the Asylum

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Other names:
Born: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Reality: Red World
Occupation: N/A

Hallucinations are entities that appear in many different forms throughout the game. They most prevalently contain blood, gore, mutilated or dead animals, mutilated or dead people, horrifying creatures, and horrifying versions of Fran herself. While often these versions of her are dead sometimes they are alive and can talk or at least seem to have thoughts of their own. At first, these hallucinations only occur when Fran takes the modified version of Duotine, but later in the game they flash in and out of existence even when she is not on her medication. Whether these occurrences are really hallucinations or simply an instance of Fran entering the ultrareality or simply another reality is unknown as through out the game the lines between reality and fiction are very blurred to the point of almost being non-existent. This being said however, we can be certain that the things Fran sees in Ithersta were in fact Hallucinations as she was no longer under the effects of Duotine in this chapter of the game.

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